Few Markets Retain Top Market Cap Ranking After Bull Cycle


Many cryptocurrencies rose and fell during the 2017 bull market and subsequent year of bearish retracement. While the top four crypto assets by market cap have remained the same over the last two years, more than half of the leading markets as of Feb. 19, 2017 have since fallen from the top 15.

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2017’s Top 4 Markets Retain Their Ranking Today

Despite the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets over the last two years, the top four ranked by market cap has not changed.

BTC has grown from a $16.5 billion market as of Feb. 19, 2017 to $65.29 billion today, with the price rising 252% from nearly $1,050 to $3,700 in 24 months.

ETH recently reclaimed its rank as the second largest market by capitalization, with ethereum’s market cap rising from almost $1.14 billion to over $14.36 billion over the last two years. The price of a single ETH has risen 1,030% from $12.76 to roughly $144 on Feb. 18, 2019.

XRP comprises the third largest crypto asset, with a market cap that has risen from nearly $218 million during Feb. 2017 to $12.69 billion today. Of the leading markets, ripple has generated the largest price gains, rising approximately 5,150% from $0.0059 to $0.31 in two years.

A recent rally has seen LTC reclaim the fourth largest cryptocurrency capitalization, which has grown from roughly $187.6 million two years ago to $2.67 billion today. The price of litecoin has gained 1,100% from $3.76 to $45.

Monero, Dash, and Ethereum Classic Fall From Top 10

As of Feb. 18, 2017, XMR comprised the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $181.24 million, with a single monero trading for $12.99. Monero now comprises the 13th largest market with a capitalization of $818 million and has seen a two-year price gain of roughly 285%, with XMR currently trading for nearly $50 each.

In two years, dash has fallen from sixth with a market cap of $160.34 million to rank 15th with a market cap of $697.44 million today. The price of dash has gained 266% from $22.55 on Feb. 19th, 2017, to $82.50 as of this writing.

ETC was the seventh ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $108.83 million 24 months ago as ethereum classic traded for $1.22 each. Today, ETC is the 18th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $220.25 million and is trading for approximately $4.20, up 244% from early 2017.

MAID and ICN Produce 24-Month Price Drop

While the top seven markets by capitalization of two years ago have since posted triple figure or greater returns, several of 2017’s top-ranked markets are now priced lower than they were 24 months ago.

Two years ago, maidsafecoin was trading for $0.19 and ranked eighth by market cap with a capitalization of nearly $86.43 million. Since then, the price MAID has fallen 37% to currently trade for less $0.12 and is ranked 69th with a market cap of $53.46 million.

Nem has fallen from being the ninth ranked crypto asset with a market cap of approximately $57.17 million to currently comprise the 19th largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $373.63 million. Despite sliding in market cap ranking, the price of XEM has risen from roughly $0.0063 two years ago to more than $0.042 today, a 566% gain in 24 months.

The 10th largest cryptocurrency as of Feb. 19th, 2017, augur, now comprises the 35th ranked market by capitalization, despite augur’s market cap growing from $57.09 million to $152.59 million. The price of REP has gained 169% from $5.19 to $13.95 in the past two years.

Of 2017’s leading markets, iconomi has produced the greatest decline in market cap, falling from the 11th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of more than $30.21 million to currently comprise the 198th ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $12.9 million. The price of ICN has also fallen 74% from nearly $0.35 to $0.09.

Tether Is the Sole Cryptocurrency to Ascend Market Cap Rankings Since 2017

Despite sliding from ranking 12th by market cap to 70th, factom has seen a significant gain in price and market cap. In 24 months, factom has grown from $28.67 million to $52.88 million, while the price of FCT has gained 83% from $3.28 to roughly $6.

In two years, steem has gone from the 13th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $27.92 million to 48th with $102.40 million. The price of steem has gained 167% from $0.12 to over $0.32 today.

Since February 2017, tether is the only cryptocurrency to have ascended in market cap ranking, moving from 14th with a capitalization of $24.95 million to rank 7th with a market cap of nearly $2.03 billion.

As of Feb. 19, 2017, waves was the 15th ranked crypto asset with a capitalization of $24.09 million and was trading for $0.24 each. Two years later, waves is ranked 21st with a market cap of nearly $268 million and is trading for $2.68 after generating a 1,015% price gain in 24 months.

How many of the current leading markets do you expect will retain a top ranking by market cap in 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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