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Scott Wilson

Free debt helpline gears up for busiest period

A free debt helpline is gearing up for a surge in calls in January as people confront their money worries after the expensive festive period. ...

Should I take CPP at age 60?

The calendar has flipped, and we have a new year ahead. Bring on 2020. The kids are back at school; homework, lessons and sports practice have begun to fill the family calendar again. Summer holidays and backyard BBQs are on...

Record low equity release rates are just one option for older borrowers

Equity release rates have fallen to a record low, making it cheaper for older people to borrow against their home. Data from market research firm Defaqto shows the average rate on...

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The Truth About Debt in Canada

This is an advertorial and may contain links to other websites. Uncontrollable debt is a problem faced by a large...
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The Best Visa Credit Cards in Canada for 2020

When it comes to credit card processors in Canada, Visa is a top player. Everyone recognizes the name, and for the most part, Visa...

The Best Business Savings Account Rates in Canada – savvynewCanadians

Which Canadian bank is best for small business savings accounts? I recently went searching for a savings account in Canada that paid a decent interest...

How carbon pricing works across the country

As of Jan. 1, every Canadian and all Canadian businesses are paying a price on carbon. The federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act means provinces...

Bank of Canada among central banks studying use of digital currencies

Major central banks have joined together to explore whether they should issue cryptocurrencies as the use of cash declines and more people turn to...