Being Grateful, Re-balancing your Portfolio, Recession is Coming


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving long weekend!  If you take a moment to reflect, there are so many reasons to be grateful.  For me, the top of the list is my family.  Having a loving and supportive spouse, and the blessing of watching my children grow up before my eyes.   It’s almost as good as watching effortless dividends rolling into my account on a regular basis. 😉

Freebie of the Month

Many of you know that I’m a fan of efficiency!  Whether it’s building the most cost-efficient portfolio, energy efficiency around the house, using the most efficient credit card combinations for the points, or simply efficient grocery shopping.

With a busy schedule,  I’m finding that more of our purchases are moving online.  In addition to using a rewards credit card online, did you know that you can get additional cashback for a number of your online purchases?

I log in to free portals like Great Canadian Rebates or Ebates prior to visiting shopping sites like Amazon, Sport Chek etc.  Essentially, these portals get a commission on your purchase, and they share a large portion of that commission with you.  I’ve received hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) in cashback over the years.

Personally, I find the cashback at Great Canadian Rebates is a bit higher for the retailers that I regularly visit, but best to check them both out.

Thanksgiving Money Links

Dale from Cut the Crap investing has a great article on rebalancing your portfolio.  He even includes a link to a spreadsheet at the end of the article to help rebalance your own portfolio.

For homeowners out there, ever ask your self whether you should be focusing on investing or paying down the mortgage?  Mark from My Own Advisor does an in-depth analysis on the subject and comes out with a logical solution to the question.

Boomer and Echo has a detailed guest post on preparing for the next recession for the middle class.  The next recession is coming, do you have a game plan?  My plan is to stay invested and continue to add money to the stock market.

Gen Y Money talks about how frugal people have challenges of buying nice things.  I must admit, I am the same way!  I like cars and could easily afford a luxury german sedan, however, I don’t like the idea of paying for it.  See my conundrum?

Getting your monthly bills straight can be a bit of a hassle.  Thankfully, Canadian Budget Binder has provided a free monthly bill payment schedule that is printable!

If you are a dividend investor, Dividend Hawk posts about dividend increases as they happen!  Check them out here.

Money Maaster has a great article on the importance of investing for total return.  Yes, using high yield as your only investment criteria is likely a bad decision!

All the best, and here’s to your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

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