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Bank of Canada among central banks studying use of digital currencies

Major central banks have joined together to explore whether they should issue cryptocurrencies as the use of cash declines and more people turn to electronic forms of paying. The study group is made up of the European Central Bank, the...
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The Best Investments in Canada

You want to protect your money’s future purchasing power, and the best way to do this is to invest....
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Canada’s economy was slowing even before COVID-19 hit, January GDP numbers show

Canada's economy expanded by 0.1 per cent in January as manufacturing and the financial sector grew while transportation, mining, oil and gas and the...

Where to find and apply for COVID-19 financial relief

Alberta and Saskatchewan offer payments for anyone who is unable to receive federal aid. Quebec has a province-run temporary aid program for those who are...

Did coronavirus cancel your travel plans? Here’s how to get your money back 

Whether it’s a trip you booked months ago, or a last-minute deal you snagged when news coverage of the coronavirus was still just a...

Oil price falls below $20 US a barrel, its lowest since 2002

The benchmark price for a barrel of North American oil dipped below $20 US on Monday morning, the first time that's happened in 18...